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Harpo Jr. Clown Doll 26 Tall Stuffed - $30.00 Each plus S&H
Sale Price $20.00 Each Plus S&H

8 Porcelain Doll on a Swing $10.00 Each Plus S&H
>Sale Price $7.00 Each Plus S&H

"Limited Edition" 26 Porcelain Doll. Only 918, Signed and Numbered and 52 Artist Proofs $110.00 Each Plus S&H
Sale Price $55.00 each Plus S&H

Marvelous Harpo - Limited Edition signed and numbered prints. Only 442 signed and numbered and 42 Artist Proofs. 16x20 on rag paper. $150.00 Each Plus S&H
Sale Price $ 75.00 Each Plus S&H

Harpo Golf Shirt - 60x40 Blend
Men's White S,M,L,SL,XXL $35.00 Each Plus S&H
Enter Size:

Harpo Golf Shirt - 60x40 Blend
Ladies White or Pink - S,M,L,XL $35.00 Each Plus S&H
Enter Size and Color:

Harpo Mens Watch or Ladies Quartz Watch $30.00 Each Plus S&H Select Mens or Ladies


Harpo Unframed 9x11 on Rag Paper $100.00 Each Plus S&H
Sale Price 50.00 Plus S&H



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